Tacoma Tuesday #1

Posted by Katie Donaldson on March 30, 2021

Tacoma Tuesday #1

You guys, it’s Tacoma Tuesday! The Tuesday excitement you never knew you needed!

Not really... but it is gonna be a fun new way to highlight some of the best craftsmanship, landscaping, home design, lawn gnomes, etc. that Tacoma has to offer!

I have a feeling most of you have driven by this first little gem more than once. Right on Proctor, it stands out with its impeccably manicured shrubs! Maybe you’ve even asked yourself... I wonder how that shrubbery stays so perfectly round? Well a few years ago, while jogging by, I struck up a conversation with the home owner and was shocked to find out he prunes them HIMSELF, by HAND, each and every time. I can’t remember exactly how many shrubs he said there are in total, but it’s gotta be around 50!

It’s a level of pride that locals take in their little slice of Tacoma property that makes me proud to have grown up here, lucky to still be here, and looking forward to spending many more years here.